Quality certification system


                                                      Quality Control Systems:

                                                      JS has the ISO9001 Quality System Certification, OHSAS18001 Occupational Health, Safety Management System as well as ABS certification.

                                                      Quality Management:

                                                      Quality Management and quality control are considered top priority at JS. The factory’s quality department has industry standard testing equipment including alloy spectrum analyser, 1100N film thickness testers, universal electronic tension testers and many others. JS quality control team has many years of experience and they will ensure the quality control of all of our products

                                                      Quality Standards:

                                                      Australia and New Zealand - AS/NZ 1866- 1997

                                                      Unit States - AAMA 2604 - 2005, AAMA 2605 - 2005

                                                      International - ASTM B210 - 2004, ASTM B221 - 2006

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