Surface treatment

                                                      氧化線2 774.jpg

                                                      1.Jiangsheng’s anodizing lines are equipped with 9 silicon rectifiers (12000amp and 8000amp) and 2 tinting machines (5000amp).  The latest anodizing technology from Singapore has been used to guarantee a high quality finish.
                                                      2.Our technology enables us to produce anodized finishes to a maximum of 25um thickness. Sections up to 7 metres in length can be anodized.
                                                      3.Anodised finishes are available in both matt and bright and colours include silver, bronze, gold, black, champagne and coffee. Other colours may be available upon request. 


                                                      Powder Coating
                                                      1.Jiangsheng is equipped with 2 powder-coating lines and the maximum monthly capacity is around 1500MT. The latest powder coating line is equipped with Swiss Gemma guns to enhance quality and an automatic powder-recycling system to improve efficiency.
                                                      2.The latest pre-treatment technology from Singapore is used to improve the quality of powder-coating.
                                                      3.Jiangsheng chooses reliable domestic and Australian powder suppliers to ensure stable quality. A large range of standard and special colors are available based on customers’ requirements
                                                      4.Jiangsheng strictly implements the U.S. AAMA2604 & AAMA2605 standards, Australian QUALICOAT & AS3715 standards, and China GB/T 5237.4-2008 standard.

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